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Maternity Nurses

Arriving home with your new baby can be a exciting yet an extremely tiring time. A Maternity Nurse will help with your family and provide you with valuable support and knowledge from the time you arrive home with your new born baby for normally 5-12 weeks by which time a good routine will have been established for your new born. Your Maternity Nurse will be with you depending on individual requirements.


Night nannies

Getting up to your baby several times during the night can be an extremely exhausting experience often leaving you very tired and unable to give your baby the best during the day. A Night Nanny has a special knowledge of caring for babies from newborn. They usaully arrive at 9pm and leave at 7pm but Teddy Bear Nannies has the flexibility to arrive at the best time that suits the family.They will take care of all your babies desired needs while you get some rest and guide your baby to sleep through the night .


Twins and Triplets Experiance


Teddy bear  nanny has a selection of specialist Twins or Triplet Maternity Nurses who have experience with multiple births and can support and assist you with the needs of your new borns. Our Maternity Nurses can solve problems in your new twins or triplets, helping you to identify and solve problems that can occur, as an


Changing cycling when babies are more awake during the day than the night



GERD, a particularly bad form of acid reflux that causes severe distress on feeding.

Lower birth weight, that needs frequent feeding, almost every 2 hrs 24 hrs a day.


Sleep Training

A sleep trainer will introduce you to the importance of the toy times that are essential to your child’s wellbeing and development.

We will work with you,giving advice and guidance that will help you with the skills and knowledge needed to introduce a workable sleep routine for your little one,which will result in helping your child to sleep through the night that is the ultimate goal and overall objective.

Your sleep trainer will discuss with you and also observe whether the child shows any particular signs of underlying,causes of distress and difficulty with sleeping such as erratic sleep patterns or attention seeking behaviour.

Additionally,they will look at underlying health issues such as colic or gastric reflux.Similarly,we will build what suits the family best with a number of key areas,any existing health concerns and we will ask questions about your families wellbeing and lifestyle.This will help us put together a plan that fits in with your family.

As a guide,a sleep trainer will offer you a three to four hour sleep training,which is usually followed with three to four nights of sleep training.This usually found to be a astonishing amount of time to set up a good sleep routine.


Your needs and your babies's needs are our top priority. Our focus is on your well being and communication skills. We work closely with parents and babies and provide high-quality services for you and your baby.